Cloud Migrations & Management

AWS , Microsoft Azure & Oracle Cloud

  • AWS RDS - MySQL, Postgres, Oracle BYOL, SQL-Server
  • AWS Aurora 
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Database Migration
  • Azure SQL database
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for Postgres
  • Azure Database Migration

Single point of contact and support for your Database on the Cloud

With multiple vendors providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, companies can quickly migrate databases to the cloud environment. BraveSoft DBA services can help you migrate your existing databases to DBaaS minimal cost and with success. Even though DBaaS offers basic security and compliance requirements, you still need to make sure that they have set up the security features properly and enhance it as well.

Even after making the switch to DBaaS, databases still have many critical tasks, including reviewing logical structure and data objects, tuning parameters to fit database requirements, administering database activities like killing sessions, managing user accounts / permissions on database schema and objects, code moves, capacity planning and creating tablespaces for logical storage.

Database Hybrid Environments - On-premise and in the Cloud

While you may have multiple applications and databases, your organization may not want to move everything to the cloud. A hybrid cloud setup can be achieved in many ways — usually it starts with establishing IPSec or a direct connection between your public and private clouds, and maintaining a bi-sync transfer among databases residing on both ends. On premises, you can run either proprietary solutions from Microsoft or Oracle, deploy clusters of  Postgres or MySQL.

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